Our Services

We take every client’s situation and assess which service would best fit you.

Simplified Child Support Services

  • Modifications: If you are seeking to modify your child support, we can complete all documents for you and prepare you for your court date.
  • Modifications through mediation: If you wish to avoid court, we can contact both parties and sit down and try to mediate a fair modification of the child support. If an agreement is not reached, then we can file the paperwork with the court and get a court date.
  • Locate assets: If you have a child support order and are having a hard time collecting, we can provide investigation tools to help locate income and assets for the other parent.
  • Wage Garnishment: If we are successful in locating assets and employment we can file with the employer a wage garnishment, so the employer can start withholding for child support.
  • General Child Support Questions: We offer a free consultation to best determine your child support needs. Also, if your served with court papers and don’t know what to do, come on in and we can set up a game plan to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Process Serving

  • Document Serving: We offer process servers for all your court document needs. If you need to serve court documents on the other party, we are the team for you. We will make every attempt to have the other party served. We are trained and bonded.

Simplified Divorce Mediation

  • Divorce: We offer a one stop shop for all divorce needs. We understand that this is one of the hardest times in your life and strive to offer the best stress-free environment. Divorce mediation is done over 3 phases:
    • First Phase: Assets
    • Second Phase: Child support
    • Final Phase: Divorce completion

This is more cost effective than hiring an attorney and less stressful with not having to appear in front of a judge. Our mediators are trained and certified and are here for your every need. We offer a free consultation to see if Divorce Mediation is the best choice for you.

Mediation Services

  • Mediation: This is a fast and effective way to solve disputes. Disputes can range from divorce disagreements to neighbor disagreements. In mediation, the mediator will hear both sides and try to offer a compromise. If a compromise is reached the agreement will be notarized and become an enforceable agreement. Mediation is also a great tool to use when dealing with Small Claims Court. This is less expensive and avoids court costs. If an agreement is not reached, then we can file all necessary court documents for a small claims case.