I worked as a child support officer for Los Angeles County Child Support Services for 13 years. This included preparing documents for court to establish and enforce child support orders. I over saw the registration of foreign orders, which means we prepared documents to register out of state and out of county court orders so they would be enforceable by our local courts. I have experience in running the “Dissomaster” software program which determines the minimum acceptable amount of child support that is set by the state of California based on the amount of visitation and the income from both parents.  My experience also includes locating assets used for the payment of child support.

I have primary custody of my two children, a boy and a girl. I have personally experienced the process of divorce and child support. I know how tough this can be for most people including myself. It is a very emotional roller coaster. My goal is to assist you in making it a more simplified process.


I received my Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and went on to obtain my Master’s degree in criminal justice. I received my certification in mediation and have my legal document assistant card which allows me to assist you in completing all legal documents. I am also a registered process server, which means I can serve court documents on the parties in the action.


I have been coaching my son’s baseball team for 6 years and enjoy every minute of it. My daughter also plays softball.